At Mount Crosby OSHC we strive to offer our children a home away from home. We continue to ensure all children are respected and listened too from both adults and their peers.


We firmly believe that children learn through play and should have the opportunity to engage in autonomous play whenever possible. This freedom assists to develop long lasting relationships and a strong sense of their own self in an ever-changing world.


Our team engage with children and give them the opportunity to be heard. Their voice is carried over into our program and how our service operates to best benefit all the children that attend.


Offering a diverse program allows our children to experience many different opportunities and experiences that might not be accessible to most children in other environments.


Mount Crosby children are encouraged to develop “life skills” and will often be found helping staff with tasks around the service. This is always encouraged and allows our children to feel connected to their environment.


By encouraging our children to freely choose the opportunities offered to them we allow them to become confident and independent young citizens. This helps guide them into a better tomorrow.

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OSHC welcomes new and old families to the 2019 school year. We look forward to providing quality OSHC experiences for children in the Mt Crosby School community.

February 14, 2019


Bookings will soon be available for Easter  Vacation Care

February, 2019


Mt Crosby State School P & C provide a fortnightly  newsletter for families. 

February, 2019