At Mt Crosby OSHC we pride ourselves on the design and delivery of a rich and diverse program that builds upon children's ideas and interests and is informed by My Time, Our Place - Learning Framework for School Age Care in Australia.

Every day we plan a variety of activities and experiences for children to engage in.  These include a variety of clubs including:

- Loose parts and free play

- Craft and art experiences

- Sport and recreation

- Sewing

- Technology and more

Our Educational Leader works with children, families and our team of educators to create purposeful play spaces and meaningful leisure opportunities. Daily sports and physical activities are available as well as arts and crafts.

Routines and Meals


Routine and meal times provide a valuable learning opportunity for school age children. At Mt Crosby OSHC, we provide a nutritious and varied breakfast and afternoon tea for all children based on recognised guidelines for children and youth. Our afternoon tea is prepared by the Mt Crosby State School P & C tuckshop who offer a variety of healthy snacks which the children thoroughly enjoy. 

Planning and Evaluation

At Mt Crosby OSHC, program planning is a dynamic and cyclic process.  The service gathers information about individual children upon enrolment and uses this information to inform the program design recognising that children's needs, ideas and interests evolve as they learn and grow. The weekly program is displayed for families and children (as required)  however it is recognised that the elements of the program according to the definition afforded by My Time, Our Place encompasses so much more.  In this way, the program evaluation incorporates many complex and interrelated components and activities.  The service also provides a newsletter for families to communicate information about the program and what their children have been doing with their time at OSHC.

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Vacation Care

Our Vacation Care program is all about children having FUN.  The school holidays are an important time for children to have a break from the term time experiences.  We offer a flexible program, based on children's interests that incorporates a range of themed days, incursions and excursions.

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